Aeromodelling Courses

RC Gliders

A glider or sail plane is an aircraft which floats in air with the use of lest power and is a slow moving aircraft. These are such plane which doesn’t have a power source but flies due to its aerodynamic property.
In Glider workshop every minute details of a glider with all mathematical and physical aspects will be covered. Then students will be provided with materials such as corrugated plastic, Styrofoam to make their own gliders and finally those gliders will be tested.

Water Rockets

It’s a prototype of a Real rocket. Students will build a single stage water rocketwhere water is used as propellants. All the materials will be provided by us and they will buildtheir own rocket. After the workshop students will launch their won rocket using our launching pad. We demonstrate by making one launcher for all the teams for their knowledge. Every basic science behind propulsion and aerodynamics of a rocket will be delivered in the workshop.

Radio controlledbeginner aircraft

A best workshop for the student to begin aeromodelling.Here students will make their own model planes and fly. During this is the workshop basic of planes including their aerodynamics, theories, and principles will be taught from very basic level.We recommend this workshop for the students who are new in this field.It will give them all required details starting from zero level to a satisfactory level. After this workshop, a student can make any model he/she wants. This beginner model not only easy to fly, but also are best aerobatics. Workshop will be of 2-3 days depending on the host interest.

Quad-copter workshop

Demand for multi-rotors in various fields increasing day by day. To meet the demand we educate students from basic of multi-rotors and teach them how to build a multi rotor and fly it. Theories behind multirotor, programming, electronics details, assembly procedure and troubleshooting process will be covered in the workshop. Using different control boards we make multi rotors by wood, aluminum and plastic. Students have to fabricate the frame using the material we will provide, according to drawings.
It’s one of the most demanding and successful workshop for us. With best flyers and veteran trainers we are leading in market. The electronic provided by us are not only of low cost, but of best quality.

R.C. Kite

Kite is to the most entertaining game over decades. Now who want to spare time making a conventional kite? Let’s spend some time making a kite which will fly even more height and faster. Best part of it is; it will be in our control all the time. Yes, it’s aRC KITE workshop, where students will make their own RC kite fly with a radio controller.


During nineties and world war Bi-planes were the only fighter plane because of its manoeuvring and acrobatics. In the workshop the student will make their model and fly it. We will teach different aerobatics and skills to students to fly such models. Materials as Corrugated plastic, balsa will be provided to make a Bi-Plane.

RC Boats

Apart from flying models, we facilitate student to learn boat designing also. In the RC boat workshop we will teach every details of construction of a boat, fluid dynamics and all required technical ideas. Student will make their RC boat from high density Styrofoam and test it on water container.

3-D plane

3 D plane is well known as the best flying machine for aero modellers. It’s really a fun to fly and fun to watch it flying. It’s a model which can show all types of manoeuvring and aerobatics. We provide workshop of this beautiful flying object as well. Student will make their own 3-Dmodel by corrugated plastic and Styrofoam after theory lecture. A dedicated class for aerobatics and manoeuvring will be conducted, and we will give different aerobatics training to students during flying session.

RC Delta wing and swept aircraft

One of the fastest moving aircraft is a delta wing plane. Its sweep angle of wing helps it to overcome the drag and flies in a greater speed than a normal wing plane. In this workshop students will be taught in details of a delta wing and swept plane. From basic of a normal plane to delta wing plane details will be covered in this workshop. During the practical session student will make their own RC model using corrugated plastic and Balsa. At the end of the workshop we will fly those models and teach them the flying tricks.

RC “FLYING WING” workshop

An aircraft having on a wing as its whole system and can show acrobats!!! Yes it’s a flying wing aircraft. It’s a workshop on flying wing aircraft, where student will make their own flying wing aircraft using corrugated plastic & Styrofoam.

Ornithopter workshop

Rubber powered flapping wing machines are called ornithopter. It’s popularly known as RC bird. We are providing two kinds of Ornithopter workshop. Rubber powered Ornithopter workshop, very basic to learn about flapping wing machines and second one is battery powered radio controlled ornithopter, where student will build RC birds under our assistance. It will serve as guidance for students to merge fixed wing and flapping wing machines together.

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Largest Aeromodelling workshop in Odisha :-

"Mega workshop on Fixed wing aircraft- Mono plane & Bi-plane"- 15th,16th & 17th January 2016.

Venue :

Sky Rider Automotive, Gram Tarang campus, Jatni, Khurda.

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Procedure for hosting a Workshop

Interested Host institute has to provide us an invite us from their side after details discussion over mail or phone.

The design of the poster will also be sent to the concern coordinator from SKY RIDERS via mail.

After the workshop the host institute has to provide us a response letter or certificate, which will be our reward from their side.

We are providing our certificate after the workshop. Host institution may also provide certificate to their participants if they want. Before the workshop the discussion regarding certificate will be done.


We have collaboration with MTRTC (Mini Tool Room and Training Centre, Govt Of Odisha) and Gram Tarang (NSDC) for our Aeromodelling courses. So we will provide certificate of MTRTC and Gram Tarang (NSDC) to participants.

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SKY RIDER AUTOMOTIVE was established in the month of September, 2011 as “Sky Riders”. We firmly into the training and development on Aerospace engg. and Automobile engg. along with its peripheral subject matter in the name of “Institute of Aero Design” and “Institute of Auto Design” respectively. Major functionality is doing thorough research to provide quality workshops and training on Aeromodelling, Automobile and CAD, Manufacturing training in different institutions across country and at our centres.

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